“Biryani” or “Briyani” is ambrosial dish which needs no introduction. One of the most popular dish but with lots of variations, which makes it difficult for most of us to find authentic taste. This blog will provide every common man to easily judge authentic biryani with the help of biryani “Taste-meter“.

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Biryani in simple terms is mix of rice, spice and meat / vegetables. The process of cooking transforms these ingredients into flavored rice filled with herbs, spice & condiments. Be it Kacchi, Dum or pressure cooker or any other style…….let’s find out the taste using Taste-Meter: 4 dimensional test which can describe taste of any biryani.

  1. All about Biryani: Although biryani is a dish but it has lots of variations. This page will provide information about all the biryanis, most popular & unique recipes. One stop page to know general details.
  2. Learn Biryani tasting: In todays scenario, eating has merely become an activity and cooking is getting fast paced. It is becoming common to multitask while eating and taste is becoming bland. Learn how to taste this savory dish which is romancing with spices and full of life in a spoon. It becomes important to learn how to taste this dish which has lots of variations coming from slow cooking to instant cooking, variations of ingredients and style of serving.
  3. Find your taste: Do you know which biryani tastes best for you? There could be more than 100 types of different tasting biryanis, thus find out what is your taste. Taste is not just delicious, lip smacking or yummy…. find your taste!!!
  4. Taste Biryani’s: Join the fan club and write about the taste of your biryani’s.



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