Biryani TasteMeter : Smell Test

Biryani TasteMeter is a simple way to find taste of any yummy biryani. TasteMeter has 4 sensory tests and starting with the first “Smell test”. Biryani is all about fragrance. Sealed in aroma, just take a deep breath and let your brain decide the taste even without eating. 

Visualise different biryanis taste like in the picture and capture the ⭐️s. TasteMeter is not based on comparison ie 5 star is better than 3 star or vice versa. The purpose is to find the taste of every delicious biryani type. A 1 star biryani having very mild fragrance is also delicious or just Basmati rice briyani cooked with very less spice, has its own aroma and taste. 

Test your taste of Biryani using TasteMeter and share. 


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