Different Biryanis taste on TasteMeter 

Biryani depicts culture and the regional flavours are unique, delicious and mouthwatering. Although known as fragrant rice but each one of these varieties have many different fragrances. 
TasteMeter captures each of this unique taste and helps one taste even without tasting. It provides one common language to different tasting biryanis. 
The popular Hyderabadi biryani has its own unique taste when compared with Lucknowi biryani. Although both have strong fragrance but earlier taste is tantalising as compared to latter which is more mild. High grade basmati rice is common to both but the Eye test provides the difference where Hydrabadi rice are towards greasy and have traces of spice where as Lucknowi rice are clear, nonsticky and vibrant. The Kerala style Thalassery biryani has its own taste when compare with Hydrabadi or Lucknowi biryani. The short grain Jeerakasal rice takes this dish to different heights. This appealing ghee biryani gets it Color from tomato and turmeric when compared with Lucknowi version which uses saffron. Last but not least, the meat (vegetables) is tender in all the variations but the outer texture, moisture and flavours of each preparation makes it taste different and delicious. 
Happy tasting!!! Use TasteMeter language to universally describe the unique taste of different biryanis. Share your taste.


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