Taste-Meter: Find your taste & explore other tastes of briyani

Find the mouthwatering tastes of biryani using “Taste-Meter”. Although, biryani can simply be defined as fragrant rice but has many variations. What is your taste of biryani? What are other tastes of yummy briyani that can tantalize your taste buds?

Get ready to taste and test best biryani in your town be it Tahiri, Lucknowi, Classic, Mughlai, Nasi, Hyderabdi, Sindhi, Afghani, Kolkata, Ambur, Kacchi, SriLankan, Thalassery or Karachi biryani…Oh My God!!!

Taste-Meter helps common person easily find answers to above questions. No cooking experience or prior knowledge of biryani and still easily find the variations of savory, flavorful and succulent biryani. Taste-Meter is a common person’s language to universally describe taste of biryani which not only helps individual to find one’s taste but also helps others to understand the taste even before actual tasting. Individuals taste is mostly influenced by one’s region, religion etc and in today’s world, one relies mostly on word of mouth from similar tasting people. Taste-Meter will provide one common language across all to find the taste of biryani. It uses fundamentals of sensory organs to taste different versions of biryani’s. Taste-Meter has four elements and each is rated from 1 star to 5 star as per the defined criteria. Overall biryani taste rating is concluded by adding individual ratings of all four elements. One shouldn’t believe that 5star is better than 1 star or vice-versa because the purpose is to find the taste (as everyone has their own taste) and a common language to communicate that taste

  1. Smell Test: Olfactory receptor (the cells in nose that sends signals to brain to help smell) is the first part to find this divine, tempting and flavorful dish. In common person language, biryani is known as fragrant rice so think of herbs, spices, condiments that are bound to activate your cells to smell. Close your eyes, get little closer to the dish and concentrate on the aroma. Take a deep breath to experience it further and help brain decide the taste even without eating. Give star rating of 1star: nil or very little aroma, 3 star: one has to work hard (take multiple deep breaths or get further closer to the dish) to get the fragrance, 5 star: strong fragrance immediately sends clear signal to brain and one can already start to think of the taste.
  2. Eye Test: Visuals commonly aid to define and describe things and this colorful dish is eye catching. The science behind cooking biryani is complex, which is one of the reasons for multiple variations of this scrumptious dish. There are many variations of rice in Middle Eastern / Middle Asian and the visuals of cooked rice will help to identify the taste. Give star rating of 1 star: for sticky rice, 3 star: greasy rice and/or rice covered with spices as seen by naked eyes, 5 star: visually non-greasy rice grains (long or short), clear and non-sticky that appears to be neatly separated.
  3. Taste Test: Thousands of microvilli’s sends signals to brain about taste. This non-chewy test will ascertain the finesse with which herbs, spices or condiments have been unleashed to their core thus bringing the best. To test it, take half spoon of only rice (no meat or vegetables or spices, if any etc) and place it on tongue. Close your mouth and don’t chew. Just experience the flavor. Give star rating of 1 star: bland (meaning there is very little or nil flavor), 3 star: mild taste (of the spices and condiments or sometimes chilly dominant), 5 star: strong taste, sapid, zesty which immediately tantalizes taste buds with mouthwatering experience and one falls to eat.
  4. Tenderness: Finally yet importantly, where it is the first time one gets to chew the meat or vegetables. Gently chew the meat or vegetable to check for tenderness. Give star rating of 1 star: mushy (too soft, lost their shape), 3 star: hard (inconsistent as some parts hard and other parts well cooked), 5 star: tender, crisp, easy to cut.

Test taste your savory biryani and start talking Taste-Meter language.

Overall Tastemeter 1